What the ruck is this all about?

Simply put, Fantasy Rugby today is no good. The salary cap game is impersonal and not particularly engaging.

Draftrugby.com is here to fix that. We have taken the draft model from US Fantasy Sports and over a few years tailored it to fantasy rugby with perfection. Our platform is still in development but we've opened up some of the features for you to check out. See below for the key features of the platform and scroll down for further detail!

Key Features:


Make it personal.

The Draft

Exclusive player ownership.

Head to Head.

Your full dream team plays every week.

Think you know better than the coaches? Pulling your hair out watching the players you think aren’t up to it? This is your chance to stand up, call the shots and be held accountable. It’s time to DRAFT your rugby team!


Create your own leagues.

Invite up to 8 of your mates to join.

Friendships will be tested.


Draft unique teams of players.

Set your DRAFT date, the time limit per pick and the all important DRAFT order.

LIVE DRAFT your fantasy rugby teams via snake draft.

Find out who truly knows their rugby.


Manage your unique roster.

Select your starting XV and bench of 8 each week.

Navigate byes, injuries and rest weeks. Negotiate trades or drop players for free agents.

Get invested in your players.


Compete vs another team each week.

It's not about overall points, what matters is beating your opposition each week.

Receive competition points for a win and bonus points if your team killed it or were the unlucky uce that suffered a narrow loss.

Rivalries will be formed.

DraftRugby.com currently in development.

We are still developing the platform and appreciate your support, patience and feedback!

You can check out the latest developments through our dev blog.

Draftrugby.com is built by the community, for the community.

Got some great ideas, want to help out or know someone that can?
We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch through our contact page.